Below is a sampling of the exciting feedback we receive regularly from the owners of dogs we've trained. We are happy to provide specific references as well!

Natural Solutions is the only Rattlesnake Avoidance training that I will recommend to our clients. Customer service, communication, and handling of the dogs is exceptional. They are the true professionals in this field. They use minimal corrections & only when appropriate. My personal dogs are all rescues with horrible abuse histories, and they sailed through their training due to Erick's expert handling, calm demeanor, and knowledge of animal behavior. Thank you all again for providing such a fantastic service. -Maja W., Tsavo's Canine Rehabilitation Center

The class was a huge success and my students and I were extremely grateful for sharing your knowledge and experience with us. We now have the peace of mind that our dogs will stay very far away from anything close to the rattle and smell of the local snakes in our area! -J

I just had to send a huge thank you for what you guys do! We took Sasha for a refresher class today out in Escondido since she was bit last year. Once we got home I decided to take both dogs for a walk on the trails across the street. I hadn't even gotten through the gate when Sasha and Monty starting backing up into me instead of moving forward, when I looked ahead there was a rattlesnake crossing the trail into the bushes just a few ft in front of us. I'm so thankful they have both learned to avoid the snakes thanks to you guys! Thanks again! -K & L

I just had to take the time to THANK YOU for your training program our dog River experienced last summer. Our wonderful Golden Retriever encountered a 4 ft rattlesnake yesterday in our backyard. We were about to take a walk and the rattlesnake was approx 1 1/2 feet from the pass where we were about to pass. It was off to the side, slightly hidden, I don't think I would have noticed it. River stopped abruptly and leapt away from it! A tragedy certainly avoided bc of you and your organization. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! - J

I just wanted to send out a big thank you. I brought my pit bull Mabel to training in Chico, CA on 4/26 and was very pleased with the professionalism and kindness of the trainers. They emitted friendly, hospitable vibes and I think that transferred into Mabel - she was unusually calm when a stranger (the trainer) took her leash and walked away with her. I'm hoping we don't encounter any snakes this season, but if we do, I now feel prepared! Thanks! - D

Bailey's training worked! Walking unleashed behind our home this am; she started to approach large RS and when she smelled it, jumped back, came to me, and after snake slithered off, still avoided the spot. THANK YOU -N

My lab Bennie & I attended the Winthrop WA clinic this past Saturday. Yesterday I took Bennie to cool off at a local pond so he could swim and retrieve a Frisbee - his favorite activity. Walking back on the trail Bennie suddenly jumped in the air, dropped his Frisbee and would not get close to the Frisbee to retrieve it - this is unheard of. Upon closer inspection I finally located a freshly shed snake skin just off the trail...We went on our way both very happy to have the confirmation of a successful training session. -S

I took your training about 3 years ago with my pitt bull
He came into contact with a rattlesnake last week and I saw first hand the success of your training. He heard the rattle and actually backed up. Just long enough for me to grab him and take him away from the situation. Thank You a Million times over. -S

It has been over six months since the training and it is still very effective. This morning the dogs were out roaming the property and I was up at the house. I was in the living room with the windows closed when I clearly heard the �snake bark�. I walked down the property to where Zoe was standing back from something barking nonstop. When I got closer I found that she had discovered a huge snake skin. She clearly smelled the snake and was alerting us to the danger. I removed the dogs, then threw the skin away and it has been peaceful ever since. Thank you so much for training with every possible rattlesnake scenario. The dogs have now encountered all the different ways that you presented in the training. We had a baby rattlesnake that they could see and smell but not hear. An adult that they could hear and smell, but not see. And now a skin that they could smell and see. They alerted us to each one without approaching it. We are thoroughly convinced that your training has saved our dogs lives as well as saving us a huge amount of money in vet bills. We will definitely be calling you during winter to set up are fresher training session for our dogs. A very satisfied customer -G & L

Glad to know Huck's rattlesnake aversion training is still there! went out to take them on a potty walk and Huck was sniffing under a palm tree and he jumped back and ran with his butt tucked to the end of the leash, sure enough a rattlesnake started to rattle, we ran away! Wyatt also did not try to go over to it! Thanks Erick Briggs:) -R

Now for a personal testimonial on the effectiveness of the training: My dogs - a German Shepherd and a Beagle - were trained early on Saturday...That afternoon my husband took the dogs for a walk over to a nearby creek. On the way back to the Ranch, Banjo - the Shepherd - was taking the lead position on the leash, and he usually leads in a straight line. Then while crossing a bridge, he veered immediately in a wide arc because - you guessed it - an adult rattlesnake was coiled on the bridge. This alerted Carl that something was awry (always notice your dog's behaviors) and he and the dogs avoided a potentially dangerous encounter! So, please realize that your dogs are very sensitive and aware of their environments. Observe them while you're outdoors and remember their reactions to the rattlers during the trainings. Thanks again and I look forward to the next out-of-the-ordinary learning experience! - K.

We were thoroughly impressed with the training. We felt that our dog and the rattlesnakes were both treated humanely and our dog responded really well! -L.

I was off this past week and thanks to the nice, cool weather, I took my dogs hiking every day! Twice my dogs were alerted to something. Not sure if it was a snake, but they displayed some of the same reactions they had during the training. And instead of investigating like they normally would, they stayed clear of the area. If I was the brave sort I may have investigated myself, but I just choose to follow their lead. It makes my feel a lot better taking them out on the trails knowing they are much more cautious than inquisitive. So thank you again for the training. - M.

I attended one of your clinics this late June 2011...Being my first time, I did not have a full appreciation for the trainers professionalism and their ability to exquisitely time the association of the snake to the feedback. I went to a second clinic by a different group this past weekend. Needless to say, I left without ever having removed my dog from his crate. Those guys were hacks in my opinion. When your trainers did the association, my dog experienced minimal discomfort and almost had a perplexed look on his face initially, then it sort of �registered� you could almost see it. A quick �nick� (no yelping or running) and you could tell he associated snakes with bad. In contrast these guys did not have a pinpoint association with the snakes, the dogs appeared scarred and confused and it was extremely unpleasant. I left after having watched two dogs, appalled at what I saw. My sincere gratitude and appreciation is extended to the entire group at Natural Solutions. Your teams really take the best interest of the dog at hand and minimizes any discomfort while maximizing the results. Watching my dog, he never yelped, showed signs of pain, looked scared. If anything, he seemed startled, and then realized snakes were bad and wanted to leave the area. Just like your team explained would happen. I really appreciate your professionalism, and I�m sure my dog does as well. You�ll see me again for a refresher in 2012. -M.

All our dogs did well with the training. Yes, we did run into several rattlesnakes over last summer. The dogs stayed away - J. & F.

The trainer/handlers were sensitive to the individual canine temperaments. None were traumatized; all learned to avoid the snakes -D.

One of the people who attended the class called me to share her story, I thought you all might be interested. The very next day they heard their dog barking loudly. He was alerting them that there was a rattle snake in their driveway. Their dog stayed away!!! Yeah, it works!!! -T.

I strongly recommend this training. Rusty had two training sessions over two years. Last year on an off-leash hike, he was ahead of me when I saw a Pacific Coast Rattlesnake crossing the trail. Rusty, almost always confident, skidded to a stop, made himself small, and came back to hide behind me! He reacts the same to rustling in the underbrush. - D & J

A few weeks after the Rattlesnake avoidance class at our place the day before Mother's Day, Fonzie and a gopher snake had a calm nose to nose conference and decided to leave each other alone. I thought did he or did he not get it re. rattlesnakes. Then a few weeks ago he and a king snake had an encounter a few feet apart in which Fonzie barked and the snake took off. Again did he or did he not get it. Then today I was working in the yard and Fonzie started baking which at first I thought was a bark out with neighbors, dog. As it continued I thought it was something else and sure enough he was barking at a rattlesnake on the drive way. He stayed away and I think his bark was to alert us. So it looks like the avoidance class worked - C.

Fantastic news! My son's dog, Tracer (fawn bridle greyhound/Doberman mix), that you have trained at clinic sites as well as on the trail & in our forest backyard, had two encounters on the trail this year, and deliberately avoided the rattlesnakes both times! Thanks So Much!!!! - L.

You gave lessons to my dog last year and there are several dog owners who want you to come out and do a group training at our club. Fleaka saved everyone from a snake at our dog park just now and they are all very excited at the results she proved for you. - M.

Every year I am so thankful that this service is offered. For every dog lover knows that the thought of losing their furry friend is unthinkable. Everyone associated with this meetup was so helpful, friendly and full of knowledge. Not only has this training saved my dogs, but saved my child as well. The dogs alerted us to a snake, thus kept my kids from getting into snake trouble. Thanks! Keep up the great work. -L.

Well, Sadie, our rescued border collie, did her snake training with you on Saturday, and I am writing to tell you how extremely pleased both I and my husband are with your training. After having had various people tell me to not do the training because you would "fry" her with the electric collar, or that border collies were too sensitive to undergo this training and that it would ruin her, I was a whimpering winnie about the whole thing. But, everyone else was wrong. Anthony, who handled Sadie, was wonderful with her. My husband was extremely impressed with his gentleness and yet excellent control of her. Clearly, after just a few minutes, Sadie wanted absolutely nothing to do with snakes, and yet she was not emotionally scarred for life, nor fried! :) And we were so appreciative of your standing with us during the training, explaining what was going on, and how border collies do react differently from other dogs. You are doing a wonderful job with your business, and we wish you much success. Finally, we live in a very rural, desert area, on a dirt road. So we are always walking in snake territory. This morning, as we approached a large mound where Sadie always stuck her nose into a hole at one end (and that always made me very nervous), she, instead, stopped short of the mound, sniffed the air, and made a wide trip AROUND the mound. Hmmm...I don't know if there was a snake in there or not, but I have long suspected there might be (I wanted to check, but wasn't brave enough to stick my own nose in the hole). I would recommend you, in a flash, to anyone who is seeking snake training for their dogs. All the objections I heard about this kind of training, which had me excessively worried, were much ado about nothing. The training you provide is excellent, professional, and we will definitely refresh Sadie a year from now. Thank you for your patience with my whimpering, and your kind and caring training of my dog. You guys rock!! - C.

Your training DOES work - I had 2 at my back door last summer and my golden whined and avoided both - all my neighbors are fans of your training!) - L.

Yesterday morning when our dog, Chiqui went outside, we heard her barking. went to investigate and found her standing about 6 feet from a juvenile rattlesnake in our driveway, barking at it. We got the tongs and captured it. It was the same kind as the other two. When we captured the other two, she shied away from them, but didn't bark, so we were very pleased that she barked and avoided it when she was the one who found a snake - A.

Last fall you snake-trained my Vizsla, Jazz,...Thank heaven I spent the money! This morning I was walking a trail...with 2 dogs. My dog-aggressive mutt was leashed as always; Jazz was free and racing around in true Vizsla fashion - they love to run. Suddenly he stopped, veered back, and started barking - I thought at a trail sign. Then I saw it: a big rattler off the trail just before the trail sign. Jazz was having no part of it, while the leashed, untrained dog was straining to get to it and pick a fight. Your training undoubtedly saved Jazz from getting bitten by a large snake. Thank you!...If anyone has doubts about the value of your training, have them email me! Thanks again. -M.

Just a head's up that the snakes are out, even on a very cold, windy and rainy day. I took Lucy on a 6 mile hike... yesterday April 14th. It was really cold and overcast, rainy and very windy. About three miles in Lucy encountered a large red diamond rattlesnake on the trail. Neither Lucy nor I (she was a little ahead of me off leash) saw it, it blended in so perfectly. Lucy was standing right next to it waiting for me to catch up when it's rattle went off and it rose up in strike pose to nail Lucy. Thanks to the Rattlesnake Aversion Training she did on April 4th through this meetup group, she saw it and immediately bolted sideways (all four paws off the ground!) and ran to me. The snake was in easy strike range and it's head was almost shoulder height on Lucy. I'm quite certain her reaction due to the training saved her life. I truly didn't think snakes would be out on such a cold and rainy day. This is just a head's up! -C.

This training really works! You trained our dogs Max, Remi and Maggie a couple months ago and we had our first encounter with a Rattler the other night...at first the dogs were curious but as soon as they realized what it was, they jumped safely out of the way and avoided a possible bite! Thanks again Eric! :o) - S.

By the way, my dog, Georgie, whom you might remember, should be one of your honor students: A couple of months ago, he jumped away from a snake skin next to the trail, as if he was wearing the collar. For DAYS, he carefully avoided the whole area. We were soooo impressed + proud! And he is the one who only took the training once, almost four years ago! - C.

I was beyond pleased with the service and individual treatment received by Natural Solutions for snake aversion training for my two dogs on 6/7/09. From the first phone call, my many questions and concerns were treated patiently and throughly. The training itself was carefully explained and administered with no 'generic rushing' and lots of individual attention. But it didn't stop there!! My male dog, who had lost quite a bit of socialization due to double back leg surgeries, was just getting around dogs again, and had not 'been introduced' to the female I was also taking care of from my work place. At the end of the snake training, AJ very generously offered to help me get them acquainted, and freely gave of his time and considerable ease and expertise. (he's a pro with Cearar Milan type techniques I've been trying to master) He had the two dogs walking side by side and 'in love ' in a matter of minutes after beautifully correcting my boys clumsy efforts to endear himself It meant a great deal to me as Iwas very anxious and had not been able to find anyone to accompany me to the appointment who knew there way around big dogs. I left not only secure that the dogs were safe from snakes, but with a wonderful image of my Rott/Bloodhound walking proudly with his potential new playmate, a beautiful and also solitary Shepherd. We can now look forward to a safe and social summer .

I just wanted to tell you that Shadow could be a testimonial to your Rattlesnake training class. He was on a hike with my husband the other evening & had his nose in a bush until they both heard the loud rattle. Shadow ran from the bush to my husband & was completely safe. My husband was skeptical at first since he was trained 4 months ago (he is
10 months old now) that it would still work, but now he's convinced! We are so happy that Shadow is safe & we are grateful that your training worked so well. Thanks, -A., Shadow's Mom

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