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ERICK BRIGGS (Owner/Head Trainer) - Erick has been training animals professionally for over 30 years. He is a member of the Animal Behavioral Management Alliance and the International Association of Avian trainers and Educators. He got his start at age 15 volunteering at The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens and at age 17, he started assisting at their Wildlife Wonders Program, handling and training a wide variety of wild and exotic animals. From there, Erick spent 4 years at the Los Angeles Zoo's World of Birds Show training free-flight birds and presenting entertaining and educational programs for thousands of guests. He further honed his skills in animal training through other educational and entertainment venues' such as Wildlife on Wheels, World Bird Sanctuary at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, Mystic Aquarium, and more.

Since 2003, Erick has been working in the field of nuisance bird abatement and active harassment as a falconer and dog trainer for several bird abatement companies including Blue Sky Falconry Services, World Bird Sanctuary's B.A.S.H program, and now with his own company, Natural Solutions Wildlife Enterprises. He has managed and maintained favorable bird populations at various landfills in Southern and Northern California, Air Force bases, and multiple Resorts and Golf Courses in the Coachella Valley.

Erick is an avid naturalist, and has been studying the biology and behavior of reptiles and other animals for most of his life. His interest in rattlesnakes began early on. To his mother's dismay, he regularly invited these animals into his home. He is very educated as to the behavior, toxicity, and natural histories of our native rattlesnakes and is dedicated to keeping up to date with the most recent scientific findings, treatments, training methods and advances in understanding animal behavior and psychology. He also regularly participates in biological and behavioral scientific studies. He takes extra care to make sure all animals are humanely maintained, and no undue stress is put on the snakes or dogs during training. He has successfully trained and retrained well over 78,000 dogs for rattlesnake aversion in the past 17 years and has received hundreds if not thousands of testimonials from satisfied owners.

Erick is also a professional animal trainer for the Motion Picture Industry having trained and handled countless species on set for some of your favorite movies, TV shows and commercials. In addition, he is also often called upon to provide Rattlesnake Safety on set, patrolling the areas where productions are filming to help prevent any accidental encounters and educating the crew about rattlesnake behavior and safety. He is an Animal Trainer in good standing with Hollywood Teamsters Local 399.

The variety of animals he has worked with or trained spans the entire spectrum, and it is this experience that has given him such a keen eye and understanding of behavior. This, in turn, has allowed him to snake train dogs effectively with as gentle a stimulation as possible. An astute behaviorist and a compassionate animal lover, Erick looks forward to providing you and your dog another level of security whether you both are living, visiting, working or playing in the Natural World.

OUR ADDITIONAL TEAM MEMBERS - Our team of trainers and snake handlers were each selected for their years of experience with multiple disciplines and their desire to help dogs, snakes and people. Among us, we have biologists, herpetologists, naturalists, behaviorists and professional animal trainers as well as a passion and appreciation for dogs as companions and partners. Every individual has also worked with rattlesnakes in both wild and captive settings and enjoys acquiring and sharing knowledge with others to help dog owners and other members of the public have safer habits around rattlesnakes and a better understanding of rattlesnake biology and behavior.

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